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Why sell on Stockholm Art House?
If you search for the perfect place to share your art online, becoming a seller at Stockholm Art House is the adventure you seek. When signing up for our platform, you join an art collective with artists from all around the globe. You get a chance to tell the full story of your artwork and therefore establish a unique connection with new fans and art buyers.

Join an art community that stands out
When you become a Stockholm Art House seller, you join an art community of artists that truly stands out from the competition. Stockholm Art House is an art marketplace where the story behind your artwork gets a chance to shine through and reach its most interested audience. Your art comes from your heart, so we want to be that sacred space that cares about its magic history and tale. There are many online art communities out there, but none that puts the craftsmanship, thoughts, and feelings behind the artist on center stage as Stockholm Art House does.

  • Focus on what you love. Let us do the marketing
  • Global exposure – reach international buyers
  • Join a rapidly growing art platform
  • Experience increased brand awareness
  • Be part of an art-loving & inspirational community.
The application process

1) Tell us about yourself
Get started by sending us an email at
We want to know who you are and your unique story as an artist. Also, please include links to your social media and images of some of your artworks.

2) Evaluation process
When we’ve received your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

3) We will get back to you
When approved, we will schedule a meeting with you online and go through all the terms and conditions. We will learn more about you and your artwork to promote it through our channels and our platform. We will also share what information we need about you, a description of the artwork, image sizes, and how the pictures should be taken of the artwork.

4) Upload artwork and start to sell!