The Ultimate 5-step Guide On How To Choose Your Bedroom Wall Art

Your bedroom décor should be as beautiful as your bedroom's wall color.

Your bedroom is your oasis. Your bedroom is your private oasis. It's where you can unwind, relax and enjoy the finer things of the night. Therefore, choosing the right décor and color scheme when decorating a bedroom is essential.

Are you looking for a peaceful, comfortable, or serene bedroom? Do you prefer a more playful, sensual feel? The right colors, accents, and bedroom wall art can make a big difference.

The bedroom wall décor is crucial in setting the mood and maintaining it. Therefore, it is essential to consider what you want to hang on your wall.

Choosing art for your bedroom is quite different than other rooms in your house. This is because of obvious reasons.

Our bedroom usage differs significantly from how we use our living rooms. Or a den. Or a kitchen. You can go on and on. But, as the name suggests, bedrooms are all about activities in and around the bed.

Although sleep is the most common activity in the bedroom, it isn't the only one. It is important to note that the actions one does in a bedroom are not the same as those in the kitchen. Rarely.

The right bedroom art can help you set the mood for your space. This can be a place you can retreat to after a hard day. Or the passionate, loving nest that is normally reserved for honeymooners.

Or the charming and innocent innocence of a child's bedroom. We won't even get into the art of decorating a teenage bedroom. There is no hope.

However, art should be chosen with the intention of being both visually pleasing and relaxing the mind. This is why large, bold, and engaging artwork might not be the right choice for the bedroom.

But it does depend. It always depends.

It's because there are no rules that can be applied to décor. Because it always depends.

1. Bedroom wall art can set the right mood.

You can directly determine the mood you wish to create in the space by the color, size, style, and type of bedroom art you choose.

The most common bedroom décor theme is one of the following:


The Invocation (1903) by Paul Gauguin

The Invocation (1903) by Paul Gauguin

A simple but effective semicolon accents a serene blue bedroom. This symbolizes a long pause before moving on.

You can make your bedroom a tranquil oasis by carefully considering the colors, bedding art, linens, and other accents.

It also depends on the amount of light in your bedroom. If there is a lot of sunlight, it may be a good idea to tone down the colors unless you want it to be very bright!

Landscapes, ocean views, botanical images, and other traditional art options are all excellent choices for a peaceful bedroom.

Simple graphic art works well. These images can convey a feeling of calm and peace that is desired when space is designated for taking a break from sleep and relaxing.


Laundry Day by Ilvy Kokomo

Laundry Day by Ilvy Kokomo

The right piece of art can help create a feeling of passion in your bedroom. You can make the perfect bedroom mood by choosing artwork with deep reds, nude and erotic and intimate art prints.

You should keep your bedroom clean and tidy, especially if guests visit. It's much easier to be more artistic in your bedroom to create a certain mood.


Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (1912) by Gustav Klimt

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (1912) by Gustav Klimt

While most commonly associated with bedrooms for children, the playful feel in a bedroom is often associated with characters and colorful art prints that recall youth.

These spaces can be a joyful expression of color or imagery and are more lively than traditional bedrooms, but they can also be very well-designed.


Bern with Belltower (1935) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Bern with Belltower (1935) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The idea of escape in the bedroom is creating a space that allows you to get away from the daily grind.

Escape-centric bedroom wall art often features scenic photography, city landscape art prints, and abstract art with a unique perspective on getting away.

No matter what mood you're trying to communicate, ensure you choose the right bedroom wall art for you.

You should avoid choosing Medieval art with violent acts of violence regardless of your décor style. It may not be the right choice for a bedroom. In less extreme cases, the same applies to bold, dramatic abstract pieces created to make viewers reflect on what they are looking at.

These guidelines become even more blurred when a bedroom is used for multiple purposes. A bedroom that doubles as a home office or bedroom will require a different mood from day to evening.

You can then decide the mood you want in your bedroom. This will help you choose bedroom wall art that tells that story.

2. Bedroom Art Colors

Recent research on the psychology and impact of color on bedroom moods revealed that the choice of bedroom color could make a big difference in how your room feels.

Of course, this is also true for bedroom wall art.

This color psychology can be applied to all of them if you reflect on the various moods in a bedroom.

You will use softer, more tranquil colors for your bedroom and bedroom art. You don't have to use red or pink in a serene space, but it doesn't hurt to do so.

You don't want people shouting "Redrum, Redrum!" whenever they see your completely red bedroom.

Color Psychology Profiles and How They Apply To Bedroom Art

Click on the colors to access art prints based on colors. 

To get a sense of calm and ease, it is advisable to coordinate your bedroom wall artwork with your bedroom's existing colors. While they can add visual interest, many different patterns and colors will not create the calm mood you want.

Red is the color of passion. This is something that will continue to be so. Wall art with intense red colors can add a romantic touch to your bedroom.

Bright, cheerful colors are a favorite in kids' bedrooms, mainly primary or bright ones. These bright colors keep the space alive and entertaining, but they aren't too overwhelming that it becomes difficult to get the child to sleep at night. Of course, nobody wants to do that, no matter how lovely the room may be.

Black and white bedroom art can be used to create a sense of escape from the bright and vibrant world. This black-and-white photography is a beautiful way to make sense of escape.

3. Bedroom Art Sizes

Experts recommend large-scale pieces for hanging in bedrooms. They should be placed directly above the bed or on the opposite wall. Because they can be too stimulating for the bedroom, smaller art pieces should be limited, especially if they are different in size, color, or subject matter.

You should limit the number of pieces and ensure they coordinate with each other in theme and color. The amount of pieces does not cause the clutter in your bedroom, but the changes in visual themes.

A dozen adorable animal sketches can look amazing in a girl's bedroom, and so can a single large artwork. When done correctly, both can work.

Your bedroom is not the best place to display family photos and a collection of postcards you have collected on your travels worldwide. Instead, please put them in the den or office.

4. Bedroom Art Styles

Your artwork's style and subject matter will depend on the mood you want to create with the décor.

Because of their calm feel, landscapes, ocean views, and sweeping abstracts work well in tranquil bedrooms. You want to maintain a feeling of serenity by choosing something visually appealing but not too challenging.

Two of Claude Monet's most famous art prints are in my bedroom. I love the floral influences, landscape views, impressionist style, and colors he used to create his art.

Because it appeals to a broader range of guests, I chose something abstract for the guest room. However, the patterns are still subdued, and the colors are coordinated with the rest of my room.

Big, bold, vibrant wall art is an excellent choice for a passionate bedroom. This is because the artist's passion can be expressed through fervent brushstrokes and rich colors, and it shows.

Black and white photographs in subtly erotic tones do a fantastic job of creating the right atmosphere for passion.

However, a pushy bedroom is not something anyone likes!

Anything goes, so long as it's unique and fun!

5. Choose the Bedroom Wall Art that is Right for You

Art is subjective in the end. Therefore, you must choose bedroom wall art you love and will enjoy.

Art, among other things, is an extension of your style. Your self-expression should be respected and not influenced by rules or tips. You must enjoy looking at the bedroom art. It should be something that you enjoy looking at every night before you go to sleep and every morning after you wake up.

Last note: A flat-screen TV mounted on a wall is not considered "functional art."

We are sorry!