9 Airbnb Wall Decor Secrets That Will Make Your Place Top Rated

Do you think of renting an apartment, home, or room through Airbnb? Are you a current Airbnb owner, but your listing isn't performing as well? You're likely asking yourself, "How can I improve my Airbnb listing?"

Many homeowners discover how competitive the Airbnb market is once they begin renting. It's not enough to have a soft bed and clean sheets. Guests want unique experiences in stunning, one-of-a-kind homes.

Wall art is a great way to make your home stand out. It's easy and affordable.

Because guests often book vacation rentals based on what they see in photographs, it is important to invest in the beautiful décor and eye-catching artwork in addition to professional photography.

How can you make your Airbnb look professional - even if you have no interior design experience?

It's important that you understand the reasons wall art can make such a big difference in decorating your Airbnb property.

This helps you to stand out among other listings. Potential guests will almost always view images of an Airbnb property when they search for one in their area. Customers are looking for homes that are well-designed and thoughtfully curated. Listings that meet these criteria are more likely to be booked.

For a moment, imagine yourself as a potential guest.

Now that you have chosen your destination and dates, it is time to look at the available listings.

What is the first thing you do?

Scroll through the photos to see all available Airbnb's. You quickly assess the photos and decide if the space meets your expectations.

Is the Airbnb bright and beautiful?

You decide in a split second whether it is possible or not.

The first moments of judging the listing photos will determine whether or not you will go on to read reviews and book the Airbnb for your next vacation.

Your listing will get lots of clicks and interest if it looks professionally decorated by an interior designer crew. 

1. Large-size wall art

Large wall art print looks elegant and modern, grabs attention, and has that WOW factor. 

Pink Themed Gallery Wall Collage

 Pink Themed Gallery Wall Collage

2. For your cozy cabin, woody wall art

The English Fruitbasket

The English Fruitbasket

Your Airbnb is located in the middle of a National Park deep in the woods. A charming log cabin or an A-frame home is available. This is the ideal escape for nature lovers and hikers looking to recharge and unplug.

Nature landscape wall art will connect your guests to your space and make them want to book it.

3. Bachelor's or Bachelorette selfie wall


Blue Themed Gallery Wall With Black Wooden Frames Over Couch

Your guests may want a luxurious, large place to celebrate a Bachelor's or Bachelorette Party. They are also willing to spend top dollar for an amazing Airbnb experience. 

You can elevate your Airbnb with this wall art collage. It will be a hit with bachelorette and bachelorette parties and make the perfect backdrop to their famous selfie wall.

Btw they will probably tag your place when taking pictures with your wall art collage which is excellent marketing for creating awareness and interest to rent your place. 

Your space should be spectacular. The more attractive your space is, the more bachelorette and bachelorette groups will flock to it. They also tend to be willing to pay more.

4. Be the envy of all your competitors with this stunning wall décor for a beach house

The Garden in Giverny (1900) by Claude Monet

The Garden in Giverny (1900) by Claude Monet

Your Airbnb is a paradise - the ideal beach getaway for you and your guests. You can provide beach towels, sandcastle-building tools, and boogie boards. Your guests will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and able to sleep soundly.

Your Airbnb should be the perfect beach house. Make sure guests see your wall art and capture the calmness of the ocean.

You can add memorable artwork to your beach Airbnb by adding paintings and landscapes in soft blues, whites, and tans to make your guests feel at home.

5. Modern Farmhouse Wall Art - Clean and Timeless

Wall Art Collage Inspiration

Wall Art Collage Inspiration

Your Airbnb may look like it was just aired on HGTV.

Wall art collage in neutral colors is the key to making your farmhouse stand out among all other renovated farmhouses on Airbnb. This creates an emotional response from your guests.

Artwork with nature influences should strike the perfect balance between polished and rustic.

6. Luxurious Artwork to Decorate Your Big City Apartment

Surrender by Ilvy Kokomo

Surrender by Ilvy Kokomo

Massive windows. High ceilings. Your Big City Airbnb apartment is already a great space. Now it's time for you to bring life and style to your space with incredible wall art.

You can choose a bold style that is representative of your cities. Bright, vivid colors will brighten up your space and make it stand out. You can make your space feel luxurious and expensive by using elegant wall art. Guests will be happy to pay top dollar for their stay.

7. Make your vacation rental into an art gallery

Pallas Athena (1898) by Gustav Klimt

Pallas Athena (1898) by Gustav Klimt

Your number one goal as a host is to make the most revenue. Many hosts offer additional services or add Airbnb Experiences to help you achieve this goal. However, these take up time that you might not have. You could also turn your vacation rental into an art gallery that generates revenue.

You can add a QR code to your artwork with an ambassador affiliate link, and receive a 20% commission every time someone buys art through your link.

Create your ambassador affiliate account today: https://af.uppromote.com/stockholmarthouse/register

Money can feel like an abstract concept when on vacation. Encourage your guests to bring a little bit of your beautiful home with them home by making it easy for them to purchase the same wall art as your Airbnb. 

Stockholm Art House produces and delivers the artwork to your guest's home wherever in the world it is within an average of 72h and you as a host make a 20% commission. Win-Win for everyone. 

8. Focus on sustainability 

Fight between a Tiger and a Buffalo (1908) by Henri Rousseau

Fight between a Tiger and a Buffalo (1908) by Henri Rousseau

Stand out from everyone by informing about only choosing environmentally friendly artworks. Stockholm Art House only uses FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests and for every order, a tree is planted. You can read more about our sustainably work and share it with your guests: https://stockholmarthouse.com/pages/sustainability

9. Reliability and durability of Artwork

Laundry Day by Ilvy Kokomo

Laundry Day by Ilvy Kokomo

As you know, Airbnb guests are not always as friendly as you would like. It is quite shocking to see how guests leave Airbnb. The Wall art must withstand a rogue ball, even if your house rules prohibit rough-housing. 

Stockholm Art House offers shatterproof, transparent plexiglass for all the frames.