7 Wall Art Aesthetics Ideas That Will Completely Blow Your Mind

If you are anything like me, you will often be scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and living in a world of beautiful artwork shared by celebrities and other influencers. Sometimes I will use Pinterest to create mood boards. But sometimes, just looking at the photos on a screen is not enough.

Wall art is a great way to add personality and style to your home, whether it's a studio apartment or a large residence. Empty walls can make your home feel stale and uninviting. It doesn't take much to make a difference in your home if you choose wall art that suits your style. Finding wall art that suits your aesthetic is the key to success, and the best thing is that you don't need to visit blue-chip galleries or hire an art advisor.

1. Prints & Posters

Femme se promenant dans une forêt exotique (1905) by Henri Rousseau

Femme se promenant dans une forêt exotique (1905) by Henri Rousseau

Prints and posters are great ways to add visual interest to your room. You can also frame the poster to give it a cleaner look. The frame should be minimalist and straightforward. Oak wooden frames in black, dark, wood, and white are best because they don't distract from the poster.

2. Wall art arrangement

Wall Art Collage Inspiration

Wall Art Collage Inspiration

Think about the energy or feeling you want to create in your space. For example, grid-like asymmetrical art forms can make a formal, clean feel.

However, flexible arrangements can make your room more edgy or casual.

A triple- or quadruple-part structure is a good choice for symmetrical structures where you can place three wall art pieces in a line.

Do you want to try something different? For example, instead of aligning them horizontally, place them vertically.

You can also create a rectangular or square composition with four equally shaped wall artworks. You can also create multiple square shapes across your wall for smaller artwork.

Start with the largest piece at the bottom, and work your way up to smaller pieces.

3. Wall art behind and above the couch

Blue Themed Gallery Wall With Black Wooden Frames Over Couch

Blue Themed Gallery Wall With Black Wooden Frames Over Couch

Having a wall over your sofa can seem intimidating, but it is actually an opportunity. Use the space behind the couch to do something exciting!

Create a gallery wall by choosing a theme. You can choose from color schemes, vintage posters, black and white art prints, and abstract wall art prints as some of the themes.

The width of the gallery wall should not exceed two-thirds of the couch's length. This is pleasing to the eyes and doesn't distract from the furniture.

The sofa should be 5 to 8 inches from the lowest art.

Alternate between horizontal and vertical wall art. Alternating horizontal and vertical orientations are a great design tip to help your gallery wall come together if you are having trouble with its layout.

In each direction, space your wall art 2 to 3 inches apart.

4. Wall art above the fireplace

Brown Themed Gallery Wall With Black Wooden Frames Over Fireplace

Brown Themed Gallery Wall With Black Wooden Frames Over Fireplace

The focal point of a room is the above-the-fireplace wall artwork. This is a great place to start when decorating and accessorizing the space.

Choose at least one of the colors from your artwork to be repeated throughout the space. The extent of your "pulled togetherness" will determine how much you can go with this. For example, an eclectic room might have many more colors.

5. Wall art above the TV

A Tv mounted on a wall at the ideal height is between 50 and 70 inches. The TV will be able to be hung in a large wall area. Although it may not look strange initially, the empty wall will soon become more awkward.

Wall art is a great way decorate spaces above the TV. Recommend choosing the wall art that is in harmony with your decor. The wall will look artistic and beautiful.

6. Wall art above the bed

Wall Inspo Twenty-Six

Wall Inspo Twenty-Six

You are not the only one feeling empty and bare in your bedroom. You might be surprised to learn that I often get asked, "How do I decorate the space above my bed?"

Because there is often a lot of empty space, decorating above the bed can be difficult. While not every bed needs something above it, wall art decor is a great way to bring style and color to your bedroom.

Wall art can be significant in any space, including above the bed. You can choose a large, square piece or a long horizontal piece if you have the space to make an impact and create a focal point.

7. Wall art ratio

Wall art should take up 60- 75% of available wall space. Measure the wall's width and height and multiply these by 0.60 and 0.75. You will then be able to choose the right size wall art print for your space.