5 Must-Read Tips Before Buying Wall Art For Your Office

It doesn't matter if you work at home or are in charge of the communal office makeover; deciding on wall art for the office can sometimes be challenging.

However, if you fully control your office space, it's easy to decide and fall in love with your chosen wall art.

But, on the other hand, it can be hard to choose wall art that pleases everyone if you are responsible for the happiness in the office.

1. Choose bright, warm colors

Scheherazade (1915) by Henry Lyman Saÿen

Scheherazade (1915) by Henry Lyman Saÿen 

You can give your office a unique look with crowd-pleasing artwork that will excite even the grumpiest coworker on Monday morning.

Bright colors, cheerful flowers, and hues of orange, yellow, and green will create a friendly and creative environment.

These colors evoke positive emotions. For example, yellow brings joy, while green enhances creativity.

2. Encourage creativity

Fruit or pomegranate by William Morris

Fruit or pomegranate by William Morris

Wall art is essential in a room; even when discussing sales targets, you can choose standout pieces to decorate your meeting rooms.

You can match your brand's tone - choose artwork that conveys your values to potential customers.

A travel-inspired piece can be a great way to take you through a rainy afternoon in the office.

Your staff can admire the landscape and travel art prints without taking annual leave.

3. Don't limit yourself

The Oriental Friends

The Oriental Friends

You can let your artistic creativity run wild in your office. No need to please others, so don't limit your art taste to one piece.

You can turn the wall behind your desk into an art gallery, where you can add certificates and awards along with small artworks that bring smiles to your face.

Consider placing some smaller, framed pieces over the ugly filing cabinets that are often an eyesore if wall space is a problem.

4. Don't rush!

Zebra Hug by Ilvy Kokomo

Zebra Hug by Ilvy Kokomo

You don't want your space cluttered and unattractive if you know you will spend 40+ hours per week there.

You should take the time to fall in love with each piece and decide whether you will buy it. Wall art can be an excellent investment in your happiness and your wallet.

Therefore, it is essential to keep it steady. But when you see a wall art print you like, don't hesitate to make it yours.

5. Productivity increases

Four Dancers (1899) by Edgar Degas

Four Dancers (1899) by Edgar Degas

Wall art plays an essential role in the workplace. For example, a simple piece of art or some color can change the mood in a meeting room. Or, a simple piece of artwork can be a focal point in a dull corporate space.

But could art impact employee productivity? The answer appears to be yes!

Organizations no longer view creativity as a side-effect. On the contrary, studies have shown that creativity can bring many benefits to the workplace, regardless of the profession.

Art can not only help us bond with others and encourage collaboration, but it can also encourage people to appreciate different perspectives.