4 Shocking News That Will Change Your Mind Regarding Wall Art In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most fun rooms to decorate in a house. Once your tile design is complete and you have installed your jewelry-like hardware, it's time to start the fun part: designing your bathroom wall art.

Do not be discouraged from hanging wall art in your bathroom because it is humid.

Bathrooms are a place that everyone uses, so why not make them the perfect haven they deserve?

Let's now focus on the walls. We have the right solution for you, whether you are a fan of classic tiles or want to add a bit of personality.

What art should you hang in your bathroom? These are some ideas!

1. Botanicals and nature-inspired wall art

Singes et perroquet dans la forêt vierge (1906) by Henri Rousseau

Singes et perroquet dans la forêt vierge (1906) by Henri Rousseau

A botanical wall art print evokes an organic feeling that we love. You'll find something to suit your space, a floral silhouette or a coral-colored linocut.

2. Easy abstracts wall art

Pure expression 3 by Mykola Ampilogov

Pure expression 3 by Mykola Ampilogov

Bold contemporary bathroom designs work best with bold colors and striking statement pieces. Abstract bathroom wall art creates a memorable atmosphere in your bathroom.

3. Figurative and nude wall art


Eat. Pray. Love by Leni Smoragdova

Particularly fitting for the space where you undress are figurative works and nude wall artwork.

4. Trend in wall art that is large

The Kiss (1907) by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss (1907) by Gustav Klimt

Large wall art has become very popular recently. The large wall art in the bathroom grabs attention instantly, especially when placed in modern bathroom spaces with very little in the way of color or pattern.

You have two options when it comes to decorating the bathroom. One is to add wall art that uses existing colors or another that uses only current colors.