10+ Must-Read Tips Before Buying Art for Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of a home. It is the one space that connects all other areas in a house. It doesn't matter what style your living room is, whether formal, semi-formal, or informal; the purpose of this space is to interact with others and socialize. Therefore, the area needs the most wall art in the home.

Here are five reasons wall art should be a part of your living room:

1. Art is a great conversation starter

Klimt's Green Feelings

Klimt's Green Feelings

Art has many interpretations and perceptions, making it an excellent icebreaker. How you interpret a piece of art speaks volumes about your views and beliefs. A conversation about art can be a perfect way for people to bond.

2. It gives life and character to space

Red Passion

Red Passion

Like a finishing touch for your living room. Its color, texture, definition, and personality all add character to a room, making it complete. Depending on what kind of wall art it is, you can give your living room an abstract, classic, contemporary, or fusion look.

3. Your choice of artwork can define who you are 

Wall Inspo Twelve

Wall Inspo Twelve

Let’s bring joy and admiration to your walls. 

4. A beautiful coordinate 

The Japanese Nature

The Japanese Nature

You can choose artwork to complement the living room's walls and furnishing. 

5. Allows experimentation

The English Fruitbasket

The English Fruitbasket

Wall art allows for experimentation. Even within a frame, you can use multiple colors. Living rooms are the largest room in the house. This allows you to experiment with different sizes and combinations.

It's an excellent decision to invest in wall art prints. You know how important it is to give your living space that finishing touch. 

Here are some inspirational living room wall art decoration ideas handpicked and combined by our top interior decorators: https://stockholmarthouse.com/collections/gallery-walls 

Eight valuable tips to help you choose the suitable wall art for your living room space:

  1. Find the proper position. Wall art should be placed in a way that adds value to the space rather than appearing inconvenient. It must be easily viewed and have enough light.

  2. It is also essential to identify the orientation of the display depending on where it will be displayed.

  3. Complement or Contrast: Your wall art must match your decor.
    A white room could have a black and white or bright orange and red piece of art. A space that is dominated by pinks or purples may not look that great with red wall art. 

  4. Choose the right size: A wall art that is too small can ruin the beauty of the space.

  5. Before you start looking for artwork, measure your wall. Also, measure the dimensions of any furniture that will be placed over or around the wall art (e.g., a couch or console). Ensure the artwork is not larger than 2/3 of the furniture's size.

  6. Select a piece that reflects your personality. As we said earlier, your choice of art reflects a lot about you and your taste.

  7. It's essential to choose a piece that you love and that reflects your beliefs and outlook on the world. You could use it to express your inner desires or promote your beliefs.
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Our sustainability work

Sustainability is close to our heart at Stockholm Art House since our poster print artworks wouldn’t exist without the natural materials from our forests:

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